10 hours MOST POWERFUL ॐ OM [Auṃ] – sacred sound for SPIRITUAL HEALING

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Published on December 25, 2017

BEST 10 hours CHANTING MEDITATION ON YOUTUBE sacred sound for SPIRITUAL HEALING, MOST POWERFUL (IAST: Auṃ or Oṃ, Sanskrit: ॐ) is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Indian religions. It is also a mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Chanting of OM Mantra ( ॐ) purifies the environment around the chanter and produces positive vibrations. It cleanses your aura. It takes you alpha, a meditational state which gives you deep relaxation. Your concentration increases when you chant this universal hymn. The ॐ chanting removes toxin from your body. It gives you better immunity and self-healing power. It improves your concentration and helps you focus on your target. The ॐ chanting improves your voice and gives a strength to vocal cord and muscles during old age. Theॐ chanting produces a vibration and sound which is felt in your vocal cord and sinus. It opens pore which in turn helps in removal of sinus problems gradually and if done in complete faith. ॐ Mantra has a cardiovascular benefit too which keeps blood pressure normal. It helps in keeping your emotions controlled and thus by putting a control over emotions and leads you to excel in life. It is just like any other supplement that will help in the overall development of your body and mind positively without any side effects. It regular chanting helps in taking you to a spiritual journey and which will only result if it is done daily for a longer period of time. Whenॐ Mantra chanted in group produces immense positive vibrations which charge up the entire vicinity. Some people also claims to lose weight through ॐ chanting, as it puts your entire body in work and its vibrations affects you positively hence enhancing your metabolism which leads to weight loss. And yes it’s even my experience that Om cleanses your skin and gives a sunny glow on your face when you chant OM regularly. When you tend to chant it regularly you start feeling stronger. Spinal cord efficiency is also increased by vibrations caused by sound of Aaaa. As this sound is generated from abdomen and mainly supported by spinal cord. The sound uuu is created by vocal cord which affects thyroid glands and throat. Even a picture of ॐ purifies the environment around. It is proved that chanting this ॐMantra improvises quality of water. So before drinking if ॐ is chanted it puts water crystal in most beautiful sequence, which effects the body beautifully. Om ॐ is part of the iconography found in ancient and medieval era manuscripts, temples, monasteries and spiritual retreats in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The symbol has a spiritual meaning in all Indian dharmas, but the meaning and connotations of Om vary between the diverse schools within and across the various traditions. In Hinduism, ॐ Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols (pratima). It refers to Atman (soul, self within) and Brahman (ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge). The syllable is often found at the beginning and the end of chapters in the Vedas, the Upanishads, and other Hindu texts. It is a sacred spiritual incantation made before and during the recitation of spiritual texts, during puja and private prayers, in ceremonies of rites of passages (sanskara) such as weddings, and sometimes during meditative and spiritual activities such as Yoga. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Om https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Text_of_Creative_Commons_Attribution-ShareAlike_3.0_Unported_License Usede sound: AUM_02_528Hz.mp3 by LAMAT http://www.freesound.org/people/Lamat/sounds/145785/ This work is licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License. http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/ We greatly appreciate this presentation, Namaste In this video the original sound amplified and modified (added echo, speed change, strengthening) used Audacity program November 10 2016 by 1HarryH visual © 1HarryH (1HMr) video © 1HarryH ———————————– 29.03,2016 After reviewing your dispute, Believe Music has decided to release their copyright claim on your YouTube video. Video title: “10 hours MOST POWERFUL ॐ OM [Auṃ] – sacred sound for SPIRITUAL HEALING” RELEASED ———————————————————- Copyright details 10.03.2016 CONTENT CLAIMANT POLICY Calm and Goa Is Energy – Goa Spirit Sound recording 4:13:06 – 4:13:59 play match Believe Music On behalf of: Universal Music Emotion Inactive: Dispute in progress. Claimant response by 9 Apr 2016 RELEASED

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