So You Want to Be a Energy Healer! Reiki & Spiritual Healing – Techniques & Good Practice

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Published on December 25, 2017

Neil Cooper Reiki ► Website ► Facebook ► Google+ ► Twitter ► Instagram ► YouTube Originals 2007/10 ► Personal 2nd Channel ★ The Shepherd Mark-Neil Trust ► Trust Website ► Trust YouTube ► Trust Facebook ► Trust Google+ ► Trust Twitter ► Purchase MP3’s ► Merch Americas/Int’l ► Merch Europe/Int’l . ★ PAYPAL DONATIONS Donate Securely by PayPal or by Card in one of twenty currencies. I thank you kindly for those of you who wish to contribute. ► Donate to my namesake charity The Shepherd Mark-Neil Trust ★ Revenue Raised From this Channel I personally do not wish to profit from my spiritual work and teachings. This is my vocation and service in life that I am devoted and dedicated to. I only wish to share my gifts and abilities with others most freely, my reward is in helping others. Any donations or revenue raised from this or any of my channels, platforms, including other media and merchandise, will go and be paid directly to my namesake charity, in the hope it might be put benefit to others and help it to perform its charitable works and causes. ★ The Shepherd Mark-Neil Trust Charities Role The charity will have its own charitable projects to benefit others if funds allow. A big part of why the charity was created is to professionally filming myself performing my spiritual works while I here upon the earth. This will include looking after all my channels and platforms on my behalf, for what I believe will be of great interest and benefit t to mankind all around the world. The charity will greatly help to free up my time to allow me to concentrate on my teachings and works while I am here, rather than having to spend many hours each day filming, editing, subtitling and uploading my own videos. So the charities aims are in part to help get my message out to as many people around the world as possible, while also promoting and performing its own educational, spiritual and humanitarian works and projects to aid and help the world and all life on it. ► Copyright © Joint Copyright Neil Cooper & Caretaker – The Shepherd Mark-Neil Trust Charity. This Includes All Intellectual Property of Neil Cooper | All Rights Reserved ► Legal: The Shepherd Mark-Neil Trust plays a caretaker roll in looking after my materials and channels or platforms through which is work and will continue to be the caretaker of my works can all platforms for as long as it exists. The charity is not liable for any of the content placed on any of my channels or platforms through which I work and teach. I reserve all rights over my own intellectual properties, content and the ownership of all materials produced or filmed by myself or the charity that are placed on any of my own channels, platforms or any other media and outlets. ► PG Parental Guidance Recommended:- You should be a legal adult or have parental consent to watch or listen to my videos or any of my other media and works or you should not do so. ► Liability & Hold Harmless Indemnity Disclaimer If you watch my videos or other media or see me in person you should be made aware, that there are risks involved in becoming spiritual aware or developing these abilities, as not all spirits are good. ► Please see my full disclaimer here

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