Spiritual Healing London | Second chakra balancing by Carmel Sastre

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Published on December 25, 2017

Spiritual healing in London balances the 2nd chakra by Carmel Sastre http://auraandchakrahealing.com. The healing provided in this London session is channelled divine energy. It manifests here in helping to balance the 2nd or second chakra (known also as the sacral chakra). In this video you can see that the second chakra relates to relationships (with partner, colleagues, friends). It is about 1 to 1 relationships. This chakra also relates to passion, sexuality and the initial creativity. In my Energy Healing Courses I teach you in details how to release the blocked energy in the 2nd Chakra and how to release it. We will practice together meditation through visualisation and exercices that clear and balance this chakra.See video about the first chakra here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTkckXilGrI . My channel can be accessed on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Vdkm9fg_GwkmkxsOIIIwg and you may find my website of interest too http://auraandchakrahealing.com and you ma also contact me at Reiki Courses London & Healing UK. Suite 3, 28 Linden Gardens London W2 4ES

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