Spiritual Healing Techniques – Clear Your Energy Portals Today!

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Published on December 25, 2017

Click here! http://www.abbeynormalswisdomquest.com Spiritual Healing & Psychic Wisdom Services This video will showcase all the areas where I see energy portals. Are those chakras or are they energy portals? I do not relate to the chakra system, only do I see energy portals, and through those, we have mini closets where we store lots of old energy. It’s time to clean out the closet of all the old baggage. Be ready though, I go fast in this video. The reason I go fast is to demand you instinctively react and stop using the old noggin to process spiritual experiences. You process them through instinct, intention, and trust. This is only a beginners video. This may be a superficial layer healing, but it is the simplest self-healing tactic that anyone can do, and it does pull out the old deeper energies. It won’t take you into the journey state I go into, but it will provide an AWESOME purge experience which then assists with energy pattern alterations. So, you feel heavy, stressed out, and weighed down by the experiences of the day-to-day … now you feel lighter and more capable of getting it done. This self-healing tool will help you feel lighter in body, mind, emotions, sexuality, spirit, past life reflections … and the list goes on. It’s so worth it to follow these steps for 10 minutes a day. Just pull energy junk out of your energy portals. The more you do it, the more you will start to notice you are being assisted by spiritual beings who are there to help you progress on this journey of spiritual self-healing. You will feel lighter, clearer, more spiritual, and you will be thanking yourself as the days pass. Now hop to it!!! 🙂 Please connect with me at my website if you are interested in experiencing a one-on-one session with me! http://www.abbeynormalswisdomquest.com

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