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Published on December 25, 2017

Part one: Stillness Practice Session 00:00 ~ 33:12 Part two: The Seven Steps of Stillness 33:12 ~ end. Stillness: The gradual practice of locking the mind to spirit, a technique or tool for the mind to make contact, to commune with the internal Fragment of God. When you recognize that your mind is overextended and scattered, that is a signal that you have need of contact with your Father. Seek through the practice of stillness, that quiet communion with Father, while He nurtures you, fills you with divine love, answers your deep longings, and gives you what your Soul needs,—needs that you may not be aware of enough to ask. Stillness is a personality state of being, it is a focus on the Father, a preparation of the mind and body for the soul to enter into sanctuary and communion; it heightens sensitivity to the divine presence of the internal God Fragment. Once you have mastered the art of continuous God-consciousness, of being able to quickly commune with the Father at will, as did Jesus, then the technique of stillness may no longer be necessary, however it may remain valuable for those deeper longings of personal contact with Father. What is Stillness? Monjoronson: “I thank you for that redundant question. Stillness is a greater source of awareness. The greater source of awareness is not so much in the result, it is in the ability to perform in the process. It’s the ability to be able to find and exercise process to control your mental activity to control your thoughts to hone in your ability to focus, to use the extraneous mental capacity that rarely gets used. In accessing this part of the mind and by strengthening its working within your mind, it is intended to balance the neural energies as they are coordinated with activities of thinking and perception of external stimulus such as hearing and seeing something which causes you to overreact or to have the ability to not overreact, to consciously be able to hold the space of consciousness which allows you to access wisdom; to either hold your tongue, control your emotions and therefore make the correct choice in deciding how to deal with these things. So stillness does access a greater awareness but again, the importance is in the practice of shutting down the mind chatter, the recurrent tape patterning within the mind, the definition of your boundaries within your mind to expand and use other abilities which the mind possesses, to access the greater part of the unused mind, there are muscles which must be exercised and used. So it is intended that this explanation clarify somewhat the process in stillness in terms of the internal out-workings of this effect within the human mind. Thank you for this.”

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